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I feel this gif on another level

Dope as fuck

When you pass a test you thought you failed

When you hear that your best friend failed the same test as you

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Penny’s Graduation Pt. I by PayLe

At Penny’s Graduation.

A little background on the characters that can be seen:

Trudy Proud still works as a vet. She cut her hair a little shorter and kept the color. As you can see, she’s still looking good as ever, lol.

Oscar quit his job after becoming the manager of his brother, Bobby. Bobby, who now goes by “Uncle Bobby” got a record deal after his single, “So Dysfunctional” ran up the billboard charts ( check it out here www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRs5ds… ). He lost one of his teeth after a dance choreography went wrong, but that didn’t stop him!

The twins BeBe and CeCe are growing up quickly. CeCe is a tomboy and enjoys sports and video games. Her parents encourage her to do and be whatever she desires. BeBe is very similar and loves football, video games, and eating. Because who doesn’t like food?

Puff hasn’t changed much. He is still scared of the twins as they love to rough house with him often.

And Suga Mama is taking the picture! She’s not dead, lol.

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is that trinidad james

yoooo i didnt even make that connection lmao! first i made sticky look like scrappy, now this. im wit it tho

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